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Facebook Groups

Nowhere community page (English)

Nowhere Parents Group Page (EN)

Nowhere Freecampers (EN)

Nowhere Euroburners (EN)

Nowhere Barrio Organisers (EN)

Nowhere Euroburners 11th Principle Discussion – Radical Respect (EN)

Nowhere group page (FR)

Email addresses

info@goingnowhere.org – for general info

tickets@goingnowhere.org – for information on tickets, prices etc

volunteers@goingnowhere.org – to volunteer before, during or after Nowhere

performance@goingnowhere.org – for info about performing at Nowhere

art@goingnowhere.org – for info about bringing art to Nowhere

barrios@goingnowhere.org – for any questions about or to register a theme camp

malfare@goingnowhere.org – to volunteer with our medical/welfare team

geeks@goingnowhere.org – for any technical problems with the website

media@goingnowhere.org – for press and PR-related questions

mon@goingnowhere.org – to announce an event or check for space at Middle of Nowhere to run a workshop

Mailing lists

Subscribe to the French speakers mailing list for French speakers going to Nowhere

Regional Reps

We have a network of local contacts who can answer your questions in your own language. Currently we have reps in the following countries:

france@goingnowhere.org – to contact the Nowhere rep in France

germany@goingnowhere.org – to contact the Nowhere rep in Germany

italy@goingnowhere.org – to contact the Nowhere rep in Italy

norway@goingnowhere.org – to contact the Nowhere rep in Norway

espana@goingnowhere.org – to contact the Nowhere rep in Spain

switzerland@goingnowhere.org – to contact the Nowhere rep in Switzerland

us@goingnowhere.org – to contact the Nowhere rep in the United States


You can also use the forum to ask questions, let people know about projects and connect with other participants.