Toilets, shade, power, sound… you can help make it happen

Every event needs an infrastructure and we’ll need your help to get these projects up and running in time.

No matter what your skills and experience, every pair of hands helps! If you would like to get involved, please

Infrastructure projects include:

  • Werkhaus – this is the operational space for the crew. It consists of shade, a kitchen and toilets, and is the first project to be constructed
  • Middle of Nowhere – this is where you’ll chill out during the day and party at night
  • Toilets – our toilets are the most beautiful outdoor loos imaginable. While it sounds like a dirty job, helping build and decorate the toilets is a very rewarding task (and no, you won’t have to deal with sewage)
  • Power grid – needed to run lights, sound systems and sometimes art projects
  • PA – the music and a central announcement system are integral to creating and entertaining the Nowhere community

Get involved with Werkhaus

Werkhaus is the name given to the group of volunteers who plan, survey, build and eventually takes down the core structure of Nowhere, slaving away in the sun before, during and after the event. Working with Werkhaus is personally rewarding and a fantastic bonding experience – please email if you are interested in getting involved.