borsa di innovazione

Nowhere Innovation Grant

What is the Innovation Grant?

Calling all problem solvers, mad inventors and crazy scientists! The Innovation Grant is new scheme for people like you, people that have great ideas to make our event even better! Think you know how to improve Nowhere? We can help you develop your idea, and grant you money to get it to the playa!

How is the Innovation Grant different to the Art Grant?

The Art Grant funds participatory art projects at Nowhere that bring people together and get them to interact and have fun together. The Innovation Grant funds practical projects that make Nowhere better in some way. Example projects might speed-up construction & takedown of Nowhere, provide better lighting, save water or electricity, provide greener power, reduce vehicle use, or find a clever way of reusing rubbish. Innovation projects don’t necessarily have to be participatory or artistic, they can be ‘behind the scenes’ or purely functional.


What is the Innovation Challenge?

We always have lots of good projects, but could maturing them make them even better? It works for cheese and wine. In 2017 we’re trialling a new idea where Nobodies can use idea-sharing tools to develop extra-big projects together. Then the community will choose their favourite and that will get the largest grant yet. As ever, ideas can address any topic as long as it solves a problem.


What are the grant application requirements?

Innovation projects must make Nowhere better in some way, or address an existing problem. They must benefit the wider Nowhere community and not just a particular person or camp.

They can be:

  • Something you have designed or invented yourself.
  • A service (such as a bike-loan scheme, or recycling scheme) you wish to create.
  • A community support scheme such as the introvert’s library.
  • Something someone else has made, that you wish to bring to Nowhere to benefit the community.

If in doubt, email us at and we’ll tell you whether it’s suitable!

What support can the Innovation Team offer?

The Innovation Team can help you plan your project, find resources and overcome problems. We can also help you fund your project and get it to the playa.

  • The maximum grant amount is 750€ or 70% of your project cost, whichever is lower.
  • We cannot fund your time, your labour or any personal costs such as your food or travel.
  • Grants are usually paid after the event, on production of valid receipts. Advance payments can be arranged in exceptional circumstances.


How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying for an innovation grant, tell us a little about your idea below. We’ll check it’s suitable and send you an application form!

Feel out this short form to apply

  • Application Deadline: 26/05/2017
  • Winning innovation announcement: 24/05/2017