*borse di performance


Calling all musicians and performers!

Show off all your fabulous talents!


Nowhere is a blank canvas to make something out of nothing. And Nowhere’s musicians and performers are especially good at that.

This year we have several grants for performers who want to dazzle us with their talents at Nowhere 2017.

We expect even more live interactive performance, inspirational music and grand-scale all-inclusive happenings this July in the desert, and it’s YOU fabulous performers who will make this Nowhere the most entertaining and participatory we’ve seen so far!


You have until * 17 April 2017 to apply for a Live Music and Performance Grant.

Grant Amounts

Solo and small group grants (Usually €100-150 euros)

Smaller bands, soloists and musicians can bring their act to Nowhere and produce a one-off act at the Middle of Nowhere (center camp) during the event. Of course your performance does not stop here. Feel free to contact Barrios for a slot or make the desert your stage with impromptu performance anywhere you like.

Opening Ceremony (€1000 for the show)

The Opening Ceremony is an organised procession through Nowhere with various shows and happenings planned en route, visiting many barrios and art installations, getting all Nobodies into the spirit of Nowhere through live music and theatrical dance. If you or your group would like to be involved, please state this in your grant application and we will be in touch. We welcome any ideas or themes as the Opening ceremony is a true co-created event!

How to apply

You’ll need to fill in the Nowhere Art Registration form, and indicate that you need funding. Follow this link to complete the Nowhere Art Registration Form.


  • We offer up to 90% of all costs for performance grants
  • The grants are designed to help with production costs, including costumes, props, lighting, decoration and instrument transportation and maintenance. This grant will not pay for your ticket or transportation costs.
  • Every performer must buy a ticket. Once you are awarded your grant, you must purchase a ticket to Nowhere within two weeks if you do not already have one.
  • We have safe, lockable storage and the Middle of Nowhere can offer a full P.A. sound system. Please get in contact for a list of equipment we have available.
  • We only pay grants after the event, on the production of valid receipts.

Please contact us at performance@goingnowhere.org for more information.

This is the opportunity for you to use the incredible backdrop of Nowhere to create an original, inspiring and spectacular show!