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Tickets, what the FAQ?

What do I need to prepare to buy a ticket?

1) The full, legal name and email address of each ticket holder
Each person is limited to purchasing 2 tickets. Every participant’s identification will be checked when entering the event, and the name on the ticket must match your government-issued photo ID (passport, driver’s license, or ID card). When you make the purchase, you will need to provide the name(s) that will appear on each ticket you are purchasing, as well as the email addresses of each ticket holder. (Children are exempt from having to provide email addresses.)

2) A credit card or debit card
We accept nearly every type of card. You will need to provide the full name of the cardholder as well as the security code on the back of the card.

3) Your discount code (if applicable)
If you applied for a low-income discount in January, you should receive notification of whether your application was approved before ticket sales begin 1 February, and if approved, you will receive a discount code that you will need to provide when purchasing the ticket.

Low-income discount recipients get an extra perk: your ticket will be reserved for you to purchase up until the expiry date stated in your discount confirmation email. You don’t need to rush to purchase your discounted ticket on 1 February to secure your ticket. See below for additional details about low-income discounts.

I bought my ticket! What happens next?

You’ll get an email welcoming you to Nowhere and explaining some information about the event. You will receive a second email within 24 hours containing your tickets. This email will also provide a link to your personal Ticket Management Page. If your plans change later and you need to resell your ticket, you can sell it in our STEP resale program from the same Ticket Management Page, or change the ownership of the ticket if you conduct the resale outside of the STEP resale program.

The Nowhere Survival Guide (which includes directions to the event) will be emailed to you a few weeks before the festival, but don’t wait until then to start preparing! Nowhere is a harsh environment where each person needs to be self-reliant. Additionally, all of the art and creative elements, barrios, support and infrastructure is made by the participants, including YOU! That’s why we recommend you start planning quite early what you will contribute to the event and how you will take care of your food, water, shelter, and other personal needs.

Where’s my ticket?

If you haven’t received the email containing your ticket PDF, check your spam folder. If you still can’t find it, please email tickets@goingnowhere.org with your purchase reference number.

I can’t use my ticket any more. What should I do?

As we anticipate selling out quickly, Nowhere offers an easy way for you to resell your ticket to a worthy soul who didn’t get one in the initial ticket sale.

Go to the Ticket Management Page (https://www.goingnowhere.org/managetickets) to:

  • Re-send your ticket to your email
  • Send your ticket to STEP
  • Transfer your ticket
  • Update ticket name/email.

If you purchased your ticket at full price:
You can use our Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) to resell your ticket by logging into your Ticket Management Page and selecting the option to submit your tickets be resold through the Nowhere STEP system. If Nowhere has sold out and there’s a queue of people waiting to buy tickets, we’ll sell your tickets onwards immediately and refund your money. If the event is not yet sold out, we’ll put your tickets into a resale queue, and when someone wants to buy tickets, we’ll sell them tickets from this queue and refund you. Your Ticket Management Page will display the status of your ticket as it goes through the STEP system.

Nowhere cannot guarantee that we will resell your ticket, but we will try our best to do so in a fair and transparent manner.

If you purchased a low-income ticket:
Low-income tickets cannot be resold to the general public.
Please follow the procedure above to submit your low-income ticket into the STEP system. Instead of waiting until your ticket is purchased, you will receive your refund immediately. We will offer any low-income tickets that are returned to the next person on the waiting list who has been approved for a discounted ticket. You cannot change the name or transfer a low-income ticket. Do not sell or give it to someone else outside of the STEP system as this will make it invalid and they will be refused entry at the gate.

I’ve given/sold my ticket to someone else directly – now what do I do?

Log in to your Ticket Management Page. Select “I’ve re-sold my ticket” and enter the new ticket owner’s email address. The new owner will get an email with a code giving them access to the ticket management system and the ticket they bought. The ticket they receive will have a different barcode on it and your ticket will be invalid.

Are there free tickets for volunteers?

Everyone needs to purchase a ticket. Unlike many commercial festivals, Nowhere is a not-for-profit organisation and nobody gets paid or receives free tickets, including artists, performers, volunteers and organisers. Tickets are our only source of income to pay for event costs as well as funding grants for artists, performers, and innovation projects.

Can I get a low-income discount?

We ask that everyone pays what they can afford, but if you don’t have paid full-time work, you might qualify for a low-income ticket. To request a low-income discount, fill in the application form at www.goingnowhere.org/lowincome. Once you’ve submitted your request, a member of the Tickets Team will review your application and issue you a discount code if approved.

The deadline to request a low-income discount is 23 January 2017. All applicants will be notified before 1 February to so that you can purchase tickets at full price in the main ticket sale starting on 1 February if you are not approved for the discount.

Applications for low-income discounts are reviewed and approved on a first-come, first-served basis, and applications usually open a month before ticket sales begin, so we recommend that you apply early if you need a low-income discount.

After you are approved, we will reserve a low-income ticket for you for a limited amount of time, so pay attention to the expiry date and make sure to purchase your ticket with the discount code before it expires. If you don’t purchase it before the expiry date, that ticket will be offered to the next person in the queue who has requested a low-income ticket, and you will have to get in the back of the queue for a low-income ticket if you still want one.

Is it possible for disabled participants to bring their carer? / Is it possible for a deaf participant to bring a sign interpreter?

For those who live with limitations, such as hearing impairment, physical disability, or other conditions that require additional consideration, we offer concessionary tickets for their companions. A Companion is any person who, by attending the event, enables another person to participate, volunteer or share their art. Please email tickets@goingnowhere.org to arrange this after you have bought your ticket.

To learn more about abilities/disabilities/deaf participants at Nowhere, please email inclusion@goingnowhere.org.

Do I need to purchase a vehicle pass if I plan to bring a vehicle?

No, however if you plan to bring a vehicle to Nowhere, you will need to register your vehicle through a separate process. You will be allowed to park on site within your barrio limits or next to your tent in the free camping area, however you will not be allowed to drive around the site during the event or leave the site and park in your camp again after returning. If you plan to leave and return with your vehicle during the event, you will need to park it in the car park next to the gate.

More detailed information and the vehicle registration form will be available in the Spring.

I have a question about ticket ordering, who do I contact?

If you’ve read this entire FAQ page and your question isn’t addressed here, then send an email to our amazing Tickets Team volunteers at tickets@goingnowhere.org.

What do I need to show at the gate when I arrive at Nowhere?

We will accept tickets on mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets) as well as in printed form. We recommend you bring it in both printed and digital formats to have a backup in case one of them fails (for example if you lose your printed ticket, or your phone battery is dead by the time you arrive).

Whatever format you decide on, don’t forget to bring:

  • Your ticket, either digital or on paper. Make sure it has a barcode!
  • Your government-issued photo ID that matches your face and the name on the ticket.
Do I have to keep my ticket so I can I leave the site and come back?

No. When you first arrive at the gate, you’ll get a wristband that allows you on and off site whenever you want.
Are you bringing a vehicle? There may be additional considerations for leaving site and returning during the event with your vehicle. See above for details.

I hate your ticket system!

Nowhere is run on the “can do” system. If you have constructive criticism or can help us build a better system, then we’d love your help! Just email tickets@goingnowhere.org.