who we are

Who are the people of Nowhere?


A strange, hardy tribe, the people of Nowhere gather together each year to create a unique, temporary alternative way of living in the hot, dusty desert of Northern Spain. Nobodies are famed for their beauty and intelligence, and love nothing more than to make art and dance until sunrise.

Each year, we conduct a census of those who attend. See the results from 2016, or browse through our census archives.

Who is behind this thing we call Nowhere?

Nowhere is run by volunteers, which means the whole event is organised by people just like you.


Nowhere is produced by Nowhere (Europe) Ltd, which is run as a not-for-profit company, with any surplus being reinvested back into the event. It is registered in London, England and also has a legally registered branch office in Sariñina, Spain, called Nowhere España. The company has five unpaid directors, David Bradshaw, Hilda Breakspear, Silja Hertel, Steve Double and Pete Johnson.

The company produces Nowhere, London Decompression and other related events from time to time. Its principle purpose is to act as a legal interface between these events and the default world.

Day-to-day running of Nowhere is delegated to the Nowhere Project Manager, MetaLeads and Leads. However, as the company holds the legal and financial liabilities for the event, the directors are the final decision-making body on all issues affecting Nowhere.

The company was started by David Bradshaw, Pete Johnson, and Steve Double in 2006.

Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for the day to day running of the event and is empowered to make decisions within agreed limits set by the directors. She oversees and assists the MetaLeads, implements policy as agreed with the directors, ensures that we have all the required event permits, looks after internal communication and ensures the health and safety of all volunteers. She also chairs meetings of the MetaLead committee.



The MetaLeads run the various departments of Nowhere. These will normally be a logical collection of a group of smaller projects. MetaLeads have executive authority for their department. A department may have either one or two MetaLeads, depending on individual strengths and the requirements of the specific role.

MetaLead tasks include managing budgets for their area, recruiting and managing leads and volunteers for the projects within their area, and ensuring that work schedules are in place, ensuring the health and safety of volunteers and participants, and working with other MetaLeads on cross-departmental projects.


The Nowhere Leads

The volunteer Nowhere Leads are responsible for co-ordinating a particular function before, during and after the event, such as safety, toilets, barrios, communications, Gate, Middle of Nowhere, recycling, tickets, translations, art and performance.

Leads always need volunteers, so if you’d like to get involved, see what positions are open or send an email to volunteers@goingnowhere.org.